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Finding that I had family that crossed the plains on the Martin Handcart Company has peaked my interests in family history research. The story of John and Jane Winn as they joined the church through their arrival in Zion is a difficult and heartbreaking one. John accepted the gospel first, then Dennis George, the oldest and only living son. Jane was next, the two girls being baptized as they came of age. Dennis baptized Mary, the youngest. In 1853 Dennis left England to go to Salt Lake City. His father died the next year. Jane and Mary were the only two to come in 1856. Jane died on the plains of Wyoming leaving orphaned Mary to face the rest of the trials alone. It is no wonder Dennis joined the volunteers to head into the winter weather with the rescue party, I wonder if he knew, probably not. I am sure that the reunion between loved ones was a common experience with an inexpressible set of emotions, never to be forgotten, along with the testimony that came that they made it because God sustained them.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review