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Linda Curley Christensen, born in Idaho, reared in Salt Lake City, Utah, started painting when her family was young. She has received substantial attention in recent years being privileged to paint for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at their Conference Center, South Visitor's Center, and temples throughout the world, as well as heading a mural team.Recognition’s include the National Gertrude Folgeson Art Award, signature status in Oil Painters of America, and she was recently named one of Utah’s top 100 Artists.Linda believes familiar scenes and people around us all the time, are waiting for the right moment, right light to illuminate their beauty, thus giving a rare glimpse of their soul. The artist considers this a rare jewel gained from her years of painting, the ability to search for and find that beauty.Linda’s paintings can be seen in galleries throughout the West, and each year in the prestigious Peppertree Show in Santa Ynez,California.Prickly Rock Studio is near Linda’s home where she and her Husband Greg, reside with their family in Wallsburg,Utah.

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